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A jewel (as any integer) is a multiple of 1 and of itself...

As an artist/maker I prefer create unique pieces rather than mass-produced ones, but as a designer I like to produce small collections to guarantee low prices.

Some of my collections are designed to be more easily reproduced and affordable, others, while remaining unique pieces, they can be traced to a common denominator  such as: techniques, materials or a shared aesthetic.  

jew•el /ˈdʒuəl/   n.

  1. a cut and polished precious stone;

  2. gem.

  3. an ornament worn for beauty that is made of or with such a cut and polished stone.

  4. a person or thing that is treasured: She was a jewel to work with.


  • Vulgar Latin *jocāle plaything, noun, nominal use of neuter of *jocālis (adjective, adjectival) of play, equivalent. to Latin joc(us) joke + -ālis -al1

  • Anglo-French jeul, Old French jouel, joel

  • Middle English jouel juel 1250–1300

MICROFFICINA  Jewellery craft

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