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Since 1982 I design jewels in form of uniques pieces or small collections, using old techniques, modern technologies, my freest inspiration and careful experimentation.

The materials I choose to combine with precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) are not only the ones usually employed in traditional jewelry, but they are alternative materials such as iron, plastic and wood… and anything that can inspire my imagination!

This photo gallery represents an evolution of my work through the years, and, at the same time, it is a proof of my constant quest for creative innovation that avoids passing fashions and tired ideas.

MICROFFICINA Gioielli Firenze

Am I a goldsmith? Am I a jewelry designer? Am I an artist?

After 35 years I still don’t know how to define myself…

Everything is random/nothing is random? It’s the space between things that intrigues me and so all of my work develops through art, craftsmanship and design. Cross-cutting skills and know-how take me down that path of continuous experimentation, and they make possible the creation of unique jewels that are original and easy to recognize. Using the skills and knowledge I have acquired over many years allows me to transform your ideas into affordable jewelry designed specifically for you.

MICROFFICINA Handmade Jewelry

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